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11 worth a visit not only the scenic spots and the characteristic hotel

Date: 2018-09-26

Eleven golden week, will think of some scenic spots.But there are many places worth a visit home is not only because of beauty, but some hotels are also wonderful artical excelling nature, or unique design, or landscape and chic, and even local landmarks, choose from tourist destination, you might as well, considering they had enough, live more comfortable, look at what characteristic hotel is you don't know!

Noel Dan camp

Noel Dan camp is located in the town was in gansu, you feel like you live here is not the hotel but the Mongolian prairie, and with the modern architecture is concise in style ger, go out is the vast green field, you can ride a horse, a stroll a side can also observe the Tibetan wild animals.Mainly is the camp just only open from may to October every year, National Day is the last time, now don't go to wait until next year.

East king edge

If you don't inform beforehand, you might think this is an ancient temple scenic spot.But in fact it is also by temple rebuilt with a history of more than 600 years.Founder "repair the old as sweet", specially retained many details filled with s feeling, simple structure, simple color, give a person with great sense of calm.

But it is not completely "old things", such as indoor decoration, hotel USES a mix of ancient and modern art style, and internal light is by German lighting master inga mollier and his team, the light of the poetic happened to foil a empty the mysterious temple, is a wonderful artical excelling nature.

East king edge is located in the city, to live in a friend can go around Beijing xiangshan to appreciate maples, or the Great Wall at badaling telescopic, catch up with the holiday back a large number of personnel, also will be less busy.

Tengchong lian hotel parker

Tengchong cypress lian hotel regardless of the outer wall and support columns have extensive use of wood materials, extremely primitive forest land, large open-air hot spring, indoor swimming pool, the tea ceremony, yoga and other project facilities and full of the flavor of Oriental culture, so quiet and elegant, like xanadu paradise, the for the elderly is the holy land.

Tengchong county is part of yunnan province, a beautiful beam river town, near the volcanoes national park, fold shui river falls, beihai wetland reserve, memorial cemetery YiSiJi former residence, etc, are worth a visit.

Castle luxury collection

Exposed to the people of the European culture amorous feelings of royal deep in the castle beautiful life full of hope, and now if we want to experience this kind of life need not straight to the palace, have a like a giant castle in dalian luxury grand hotel to live.And it not only large, luxurious appearance, and even interior decoration is also full of the feeling of western luxury, and dalian itself is also a very beautiful city, is located in the coast of the bohai sea, no cold winter and summer without the heat, and has a civic island, tiger beach Ocean Park, golden pebble beach national holiday resort, and many other tourist sanctuary, want to go to play friend might as well choose the landmarks -- castle is located in the lianhua mountains luxury hotel, enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Other characteristic hotel and old wharf warehouse renovation of Shanghai water hotel, utopian Dali erhai lake house, Eddie Johnson hotel sanya, etc., you have the chance to experience it.