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Old shan inn is located in central Shanghai, Shanghai is located in the food court in yunnan province south road , is set accommodation, catering, tourism and cultural exchanges as one of the international youth hostel.
Shanghai old shan inn has advantageous geographical location, the east is enjoy the expo group of great bund scenic area, the south is the heart of Chinese and foreign famous "yu yuan" and elegant "huaihai road.[View Detail]

住客评论 607条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • MEN Mentholatum
    Ten minutes from the Metro station to walk on the street was convenient rooms clean and bed very comfortable pillows hard
  • dewly
    Convenient location close to the Metro station and the hotel, downstairs eating feels very easy.
    Is already the second time staying and feel good! next time around will still select here.
  • admsong
    Hotel room is bigger than I thought it would be, health is good, also convenient transportation
  • aini830213
    OK, snatching gold in Shanghai where has good
  • danli10
    Environment is great, rooms clean and tidy,
  • e100e100
    Clean, hotel has a lot of snacks.
  • e00039646
    Yunnan is located in South Street, near 8th world of subway station, the health, the traffic is convenient, in the city center is a great choice.
  • cyj937
    Bad call said two people lived, went to only one bed small
  • stevenlee1975
    Overall nice
  • andrew16b
    Convenient, boss, hotel bars
  • lipeng0000
    Hotel in a lamb pot and barbecue rice middle, from morning till night room in are is a unit sheep Sao taste, barbecue rice night snack began has been do two points, and noisy and smelly, toilet has been leaking, a night are is drop sound and sewer water sound, drainage not Chang also is big of sewer taste, anyway various taste has been wants to spit, room lock can't, Windows also shut not Shang, a a people are fast scared has! 6 o'clock in the morning began window and began make building lost stone lost bricks lost iron what make to 8Stopped again, couldn't sleep, a night before I slept for 4 hours. snack Street health is poor, there are a lot of bugs in the House, originally was scheduled for 20,000, hurriedly leave the next day for the hotel.
  • jeremyli1980
    Store small locations are not easy, although it is near a metro station, live near a metro station which attractions are very convenient, but also very close from the road, and sleep at night off the two-story Windows were very noisy, and sleep well at night, can't play well the next day, very tired
  • doudou_99
    The old Inn is located in the center of the Shanghai Street, near the snacks delicious, rich night market, Shanghai native also come here to eat. therefore, is recommended.
  • alden1079
    Fortunately, there is no wireless network
  • dsbao
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • beeprotect
    The room is very clean. downstairs is restaurant is near from the Line 8 line, turn the corner into the, very convenient.
  • bonannee
    Traffic also is is convenience of, but fa?ade slightly small points, to people feel seems some not Shang grade of small hotel, first feel really not good. but live had a night zhihou will found why Inn evaluation so good has. first is live in here of feel is comfortable. second traffic convenience, Metro 8 minutes on can to has. 35th floor has a small bar, above of boss people is good, can provides free computer for using, also has books can in there slowly see. IV annexVery convenient eating. in short is recommended.
  • e00087218
    Good Inn level. Since the bar is very convenient.
  • solo0831_31
    Nice, normal facilities. from the Metro and attractions are close, 5 minutes by walk.
  • jinsun219
    Good fine Inns, unique, five-floor open-air bar, nice, is Yunnan road food, affordable ... next time I stay here.
  • amilywu
    Good surroundings, convenient transportation, most famous attractions within walking distance, hotel is a street, there are late-night snacks in the evening. the internal facilities is very good, clean, air conditioning is to force, the bed is very soft and comfortable. Inn style is very distinctive, next time I come to Shanghai will live here! the boss is also very friendly
  • a80548089
    Youth Hostel-like Yo favorite tunes?
  • JerryLiu_yumei
    Several times into the water is not very good but in General is very like snacks downstairs to go out there like a worried girl alone there is a lot of security problems, but also in the Middle so there is no problem-
  • lalalawoo
    Very good location, room was clean, is not complete, nor even the blowing tube. within walking distance to the museums, the Bund, easy to eat, will stay again next time.
  • lueyi
    After the OK
  • ifever
    Also a good Inn
  • leonwulei
    Very good location
  • localmaple
    Good location in this location at this price great
  • YiYu2010
    The price of this place, almost. air conditioner fan noise, bad sound insulation, small space.
  • andystliu
    It's not bad,
  • winnerlei
    It's OK
  • tiger_cow
    Very satisfied with the trip, hotel location is very good, few minutes from the Metro station, and is located in a street food, the most important is the facilities of the hotel are quite new, room was small, but very clean and comfortable, next to Shanghai, where required.
  • langyuan1982
    Very clean, service was in place! nice
  • wangweicuc
    Very clean. slipper is there, in the drawer. is near Nanjing Road. high cost. their small haha. compliment him even better than like their corridor!3
  • accor8
    The location is very good, room similar to the conditions with the General Hotel
  • allenwxcn
    Nice downstairs restaurant, very cozy, quiet, and also a lot of foreign friends, absolute bargain, traffic location
  • E02413891
    ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ?.
  • tldw369
    Traffic is very convenient, send world subway about five minutes to walk around pretty much eat, good hotel, next to Shanghai or will choose to stay.
  • minyeww
    Location Super. around a variety of snacks, delicious inexpensive. 15 minutes walk to Nanjing Road, 15 minutes to the Bund. cost-effective and very special, a lot of foreigners, is an open-air bar on the five, also had two rabbits, one bird. is the guy at the front desk a bit seriously-
  • applepapa
    Hotel is located very close to the Bund! eat around very convenient! in the marathon, this time to Shanghai! many runners living in it! not only has a lot! great!
  • e00182522
    Close to the subway station, that's easy, the rooms are very clean, near downtown, live very comfortable, only regret there is no bar on a look.
  • feixia4731
    Room hygiene is clean, I ordered a special room, the room was small, but perfectly formed, live on my own and can meet, there are a lot of restaurants around, especially convenient, very satisfied, next to Shanghai or choose this.
  • e01297167
    Great! recommended!
  • e00018385
    Traffic is convenient, out 1 minute to subway stations. more convenient to eat, Inn home Inns, delicious, wufangzhai beside small shops such as Shaoxing. Inn good, ahead of luggage, enthusiastic.
  • e00476614
    So many doors to hotel one of the worst, first of all, there is a very smelly room asked to be moved, said no House, staff members said the room so that we used to live in hotel, then taking a shower at night very cold water for a small, staff at a glance, you continue to discharge so long as it will be hot, or cold water half an hour, and problem solve!
  • e02056323
    Shanghai of hotel General are is your, eye is of are over 400. we family this just has a live of to, requirements clean, convenient, security can, see has half, think old shaan is is eye, scheduled Shi only left big bed room has, bed is 1.5-meter of, wants to wants to a home people squeeze squeeze also can has, scheduled information Shi notes has (home has child, hope can arrangements a quiet is of room) customer service to phone asked more big of child, I wants to home of 1.5-meter of bed we also with squeezeHad, wants to with boss don't because this refused to we Ah. second days determine information to has, to shop Hou, found this is a simple hotel, room is small, but absolute enough clean, out feet is convenient, opposite fresh from, five Fong fast, himself also do dumplings business, to South go also has two home queued of old shop, a home o treasure pork chops, a sold salt water duck of, anyway food is certainly didn't problem of. Line 8 line also on five minutes go to, is is convenient. to Bund, East Pearl, Tian Zi Fang, naturalMuseum, new horizons are very convenient, recommend you stay, if not demanding it.
  • lilac
    Friends is also very satisfactory, good foreign friend was very helpful
  • daisy8931
    Second choice, with a lot of friends
  • appion116
    Location is really convenient