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Old shan inn is located in central Shanghai, Shanghai is located in the food court in yunnan province south road , is set accommodation, catering, tourism and cultural exchanges as one of the international youth hostel.
Shanghai old shan inn has advantageous geographical location, the east is enjoy the expo group of great bund scenic area, the south is the heart of Chinese and foreign famous "yu yuan" and elegant "huaihai road.[View Detail]

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  • e00476614
    So many doors to hotel one of the worst, first of all, there is a very smelly room asked to be moved, said no House, staff members said the room so that we used to live in hotel, then taking a shower at night very cold water for a small, staff at a glance, you continue to discharge so long as it will be hot, or cold water half an hour, and problem solve!
  • lijiangpeng
    Really good location, traffic, but poor Inn amenities, noise is not bad in General, trouble are feeling far away upstairs, walk the floor in shock, just a convenient to stay
  • caddiex
    Location is good, the service is also very good, with children gave more room, kettle a smell of fish, tell the front desk immediately for the new, the surrounding is full of places to eat, very close to the Metro station, where ointment is: the hotel does not have a set-top box can only see a limited number of units, returning to smell the bathroom, this is really bad.
  • ey1154
    Service attitude is poor, what are not clear of told I, do staying Shi only heard voice is small of said 411 sat elevator Shang, elevator in next door restaurant in, on walk Shang I thought is four floor 411 room, to has was live with, and see list Shang is 211 and to II floor, Black Black a no room, and to front desk asked she, to next door sat elevator only find get room. room small to is stuffy on didn't forget, main is even boil water device are no, other more no, only two small cockroaches in climbed,Floor very eerie feeling I lived only one, very hard, not to live
  • ee9033
    Great place, room clean, convenient, near a lot of snacks, there are convenience stores
  • ifever
    Also a good Inn
  • bainian
    Pretty clean environment, is the plane was late, when the subway is running out, fight past a car, near the subway, when checking out luggage there, staff were very friendly, Shanghai to stay here next time
  • allyluan
    Hotel location is very good, is the food court downstairs, there is a small Jinling salt Duck was delicious and cheap. the hotel also have a good environment, there is no screen to be regretted.
  • Reedondo
    Location-clean and comfortable ... For a family of three
  • darlinlee
    Pretty affordable tours
  • wljimmy
    Hotel beauty service attitude is good with short hair, cleaning lady was very polite, Oh. the hotel clean, also the right size. There is no hair dryer, can slightly improve. exceptionally good location, away from the Bund, Nanjing Road Museum are near. many restaurant downstairs, featured duck blood soup and marinated duck.
  • lijiayu_8271
    Transportation is very convenient, service attitude is good
  • Alex·Lee
    Nice very clean great service attitude and recommend!
  • lylinda
    One small room, convenient, and safe! play convenient! a street snack!
  • LYL82
    Inns in Yunnan road, the traffic is very convenient, I order Inn rooms are small health is also good but the window very complete facilities can also help you to store luggage (free) old Shan Inn restaurant very good food very expensive tastes good satisfaction.
  • Vivi Xue
    Very clean an Inn. foreigners mostly. lived in eight world. bunk. room has WC. rational use of space. in the vicinity of the Bund, cyts live so cheap and clean ... very good! recommended
  • numsoft
    Traffic is very convenient, food, special satisfaction from the people's square close
  • laowutou
    Interior quite satisfied, eat around a lot of things
  • sunlys88
    Hotel next door to the world, which is very close to, the rooms are clean, and cost-effective.
  • doudou_99
    The old Inn is located in the center of the Shanghai Street, near the snacks delicious, rich night market, Shanghai native also come here to eat. therefore, is recommended.
  • cindylu1998
    It was not the best hotel, but it was ok to stay for several nights!
    Six room, bathroom in the room, very convenient! nice, nearby snack so much life easy! access elevator requires proximity cards, which I loved, I feel much safer
  • toytm
    Excellent service, shampoo is almost no hair dryer
  • Laerm
    Scheduled of when didn't note to this is for foreign guests of, then first days night of six room inside has a specific foreigners, but the live the of, nothing effect ~ facilities aspects no hair dryer machine, also has slippers toothbrush like of to since with, but boss is nice, sent has we a copies dental, cleaning returned to has I a double slippers, thanks ~? also has downstairs of dumplings shop taste also good, except somewhat small your...... Top floor there is a bar, you can go in the evening, the scenery is notWrong
  • allango
    I live in 1581 late special room, because travel for 28 days, was very close to work place ... this place is very good location, very close to the Metro Line 8 line! eat downstairs there are many, shopping is also very close. facilities the hotel is a little old, overall health is fine.
  • dina21
    Lovely hotel, many foreigners, very suitable for students to travel to live
  • solo0831_31
    Nice, normal facilities. from the Metro and attractions are close, 5 minutes by walk.
  • liyongnarou
    Hotel is located in the gourmet dinner in a street very convenient, close to Metro station accessibility
  • cloudsea
    Around to eat more
  • e00087218
    Good Inn level. Since the bar is very convenient.
  • vetas
    First said of, service attitude is good, hotel layout is literary, location is convenient to square, at Beach, Temple, Metro bus convenience, snacks more! said bad of, room small can understanding, can table gray more, quilt sleep to midnight has insect bite, window Hou are is catering of fume taste, most bad of is bath of spent sprinkler, actually full spray, is disaster. also has water drop of voice, is and zhiqian users said of, a night to dawn. air conditioning voice also is ring. price willShould be, you see!
  • doremiji
    Hotel very unique
  • my133190196892
    Great location, food transportation is very convenient, is the small indoor, key to the bathroom is too small-nice, nice!
  • carinaliuyan
    Noise too poor has, next door water of voice listening to of clear, midnight was wake good times. do staying of when with waiter said don't street of room, to elevator in she also said we of room not street of, results to has room also is street of Ah, shut has window zhihou outside of voice also not is noisy, also on didn't requirements for room has, but also is somewhat noisy. anyway next not select this staying has
  • baby91crying
    Very good
  • gmcnn007
    Well, after feeling the environment can also, it is a bit small but cherish like where the price of gold in Shanghai has been very good, and is close to the Bund, the staff was very helpful, very good.
  • magicyi
    In General, elevator is the only card up, this design is better. Although upstairs is the bar, but didn't feel noisy. proposal is headed by a curtain that can pull the toilet, because basically transparent, bath and bathroom look awkward
    Is already the second time staying and feel good! next time around will still select here.
  • nuenue
    Very noisy
    Free up-grade, the transportation is convenient, downtown location
  • jUSTYX
    Twice, the location is great, it is a kind of sitting on a cuisine of well-being, but also there is a small problem, is too busy at night-room was clean, especially the bathroom, for a focus on home health, and this is very important. in General a higher cost
  • luljj
    Traffic is convenient, on in Metro Line 8 line of next, is store somewhat small, I found has old shaan dumplings Museum is spent has long only see it next of hotel door. room corridor are is clean, especially bed is comfortable, play has day can rest of very good. hotel in of WiFi also is good, I daily on by wireless check tourism route, see network TV (Hey, because TV in nothing wants to see of). also has is, is Inn in Yunnan road, that is a is for eatWhere goods, next to the Inn's fresh from the spare ribs with rice cakes, I remember fried bun, Yan Yun Lou and all that delicious, recommended when you have time, you can try it.
  • alden1079
    Fortunately, there is no wireless network
  • lueyi
    After the OK
  • atopman
    General for is good dinner fundamental without worry and near restaurant are is delicious out to left first a junction right turned is world Metro station from HongQiao railway station sat Metro half hours arrived walk probably 10 minutes on can go to Nanjing Road Street away from Temple Bund are not far Hotel upstairs of small bar is comfortable raised of two only? is cute photos is from bar to outside as of night is praise near has many convenience shop buy things is convenient across two articleStreet is all about the street buy seafood BBQ or only fly in the ointment is that the sink is too small it often splashes of ground water to Shanghai in the future will choose him (House need to shop at once closed, friends know)
  • e01204977
    Hotel location you can also!
  • appion116
    Location is really convenient
  • winnerlei
    It's OK
  • ciandci
    More than 200 more a month booking hotel, not bad
  • a80548089
    Youth Hostel-like Yo favorite tunes?