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住客评论 257条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • cindylu1998
    It was not the best hotel, but it was ok to stay for several nights!
    Six room, bathroom in the room, very convenient! nice, nearby snack so much life easy! access elevator requires proximity cards, which I loved, I feel much safer
  • toytm
    Excellent service, shampoo is almost no hair dryer
  • allango
    I live in 1581 late special room, because travel for 28 days, was very close to work place ... this place is very good location, very close to the Metro Line 8 line! eat downstairs there are many, shopping is also very close. facilities the hotel is a little old, overall health is fine.
  • dina21
    Lovely hotel, many foreigners, very suitable for students to travel to live
  • solo0831_31
    Nice, normal facilities. from the Metro and attractions are close, 5 minutes by walk.
  • cloudsea
    Around to eat more
  • my133190196892
    Great location, food transportation is very convenient, is the small indoor, key to the bathroom is too small-nice, nice!
  • baby91crying
    Very good
    Is already the second time staying and feel good! next time around will still select here.
  • nuenue
    Very noisy
    Free up-grade, the transportation is convenient, downtown location
  • jUSTYX
    Twice, the location is great, it is a kind of sitting on a cuisine of well-being, but also there is a small problem, is too busy at night-room was clean, especially the bathroom, for a focus on home health, and this is very important. in General a higher cost
  • luljj
    Traffic is convenient, on in Metro Line 8 line of next, is store somewhat small, I found has old shaan dumplings Museum is spent has long only see it next of hotel door. room corridor are is clean, especially bed is comfortable, play has day can rest of very good. hotel in of WiFi also is good, I daily on by wireless check tourism route, see network TV (Hey, because TV in nothing wants to see of). also has is, is Inn in Yunnan road, that is a is for eatWhere goods, next to the Inn's fresh from the spare ribs with rice cakes, I remember fried bun, Yan Yun Lou and all that delicious, recommended when you have time, you can try it.
  • winnerlei
    It's OK
  • ciandci
    More than 200 more a month booking hotel, not bad
  • a80548089
    Youth Hostel-like Yo favorite tunes?
  • Davidguo12
    Have been staying ... good location, good service.
  • Er Yie
    Is convenient for the room, but no hot water in the first room, the second room air-conditioner. sleep at night was very noisy ... I feel lots better.
  • liand
    Nice ... around dining convenience. travel in the city centre is easy.
  • boojf
    Yunnan road snack Street, ferry was near the Bund, for this location, location, room was good
  • dxc0443
    Overall very good, is the noise a bit
  • e02056323
    Shanghai of hotel General are is your, eye is of are over 400. we family this just has a live of to, requirements clean, convenient, security can, see has half, think old shaan is is eye, scheduled Shi only left big bed room has, bed is 1.5-meter of, wants to wants to a home people squeeze squeeze also can has, scheduled information Shi notes has (home has child, hope can arrangements a quiet is of room) customer service to phone asked more big of child, I wants to home of 1.5-meter of bed we also with squeezeHad, wants to with boss don't because this refused to we Ah. second days determine information to has, to shop Hou, found this is a simple hotel, room is small, but absolute enough clean, out feet is convenient, opposite fresh from, five Fong fast, himself also do dumplings business, to South go also has two home queued of old shop, a home o treasure pork chops, a sold salt water duck of, anyway food is certainly didn't problem of. Line 8 line also on five minutes go to, is is convenient. to Bund, East Pearl, Tian Zi Fang, naturalMuseum, new horizons are very convenient, recommend you stay, if not demanding it.
  • brianliu312
    I served, first service! 6 o'clock back staying with us, her mother told me no House?! I haven't check out sold?! What do you mean! is not looked down upon the people? sold to foreigners? device! bad Tower confused! lamp is broken and no one fix, faucet is poor, there is a day without WiFi! the two men were very poor service! I slept in the streets but not that!
  • leonwulei
    Very good location
  • safinalin
    Super good location Metro dashijie station walking 5 minutes to the top floor there is an open bar full of petty bourgeoisie can drink of wine in the evening chat with foreign guests
  • babyoscar
    Years Qian first times to Shanghai on live in old shaan Inn, this also is select old shaan, price super affordable lots super good downstairs also is old street (so Street may slightly dirty fume slightly heavy), this to again decoration had has, room environment with seven days almost's, clean clean. Metro also open has a new export away from Hotel more near has, probably on 100 meters of distance. still many foreigners staying, because room in stairs mouth, morning morning occasionally was noisy of foreigners wake. but hereStill is a really ideal place, downstairs is delicious over and over. then Shanghai will live in it.
  • jy02262025
    great hostel with great rooftop where you can have breakfast in the morning which is little bit expensive but the drink in the night have acceptable price
  • cabbagec
    The boss is very nice, I had subscribed to a special room, a small boss to see the two of us without giving us the money-for-single room, counter girl are very good, very polite, room aunt was very polite, all the staff are very good, old Shaanxi downstairs restaurant dishes price deal, sweet and sour pork to eat, thank you
  • carren
    Good location
  • afterlens
    Location very good, five minutes ' walk away from Metro station, the surrounding is food Street, eat anything, go to the Bund, Nanjing Road can walk, room was very small, but there are Windows, toilet, bath area without quarantine, was only inconvenient place, service was very good, next time I go to Shanghai stay here, will definitely order a great!
  • beeprotect
    The room is very clean. downstairs is restaurant is near from the Line 8 line, turn the corner into the, very convenient.
  • candymau
    Oh well, the room was clean and very close to the Metro station, where convenient
  • lalalawoo
    Very good location, room was clean, is not complete, nor even the blowing tube. within walking distance to the museums, the Bund, easy to eat, will stay again next time.
  • bigbigdog
    First days room full, in next door Hotel live has a late. day and Xia orders only set to, cannot said has more tall Shang, in this lots has is good has, roof has a small bar, hard good, crooked nuts compared more. Inn service also hard good, traffic convenient, Line 8 line out also on two or three minutes of thing, away from Bund, Temple, Nanjing Street are hard into, Sparrow is fully, next also is this has
  • grace456
    Hotel is nice, there are many foreigners living, smart in the Loft bar owner. the internal environment is also good for people who travel alone
  • anna_diao
    Super good environment! is very clean, location is also very good! room very bright! shower and toilet are separated, so convenient!
  • samansai
    Close to the Shanghai Museum room downstairs is restaurant
  • e01563992
    Great location, lots of mutton shop downstairs, very authentic, not too far from the shopping places, clean, highly recommended
  • clif-li
    Very comfortable
  • tianfeng_58
    Perfect! great service
  • Canser
    Like all evaluation, environment, location is very good! all eating, very convenient! and also let us free luggage after checking out the next day in the afternoon very close! only does not like the elevator, closed the door to 'bang' sound every time I jump!
  • e00760043
    Which is very nice
  • smilys
    WiFi Super not to force, bathroom no shower, bed no outlet to charge mobile phones, others good. Nice, probably because a lot of foreigners come to live. the location is good, still is on the street, eating super convenient, traffic facilities, great.
  • langyuan1982
    Very clean, service was in place! nice
  • e00088254
    ? ? 6? ? ? ? ? ?
  • baiwuya
    Location is very hard to find, to the people's square, the Bund, Nanjing Road pedestrian street and other attractions are very convenient. bathroom wash basin for the first day found little bugs crawling feel from climbing out of the water ... Pipes also some small taste. shower head is overhead, bathing a bit inconvenient ... Mattress too soft, because I prefer the hard. in the corridor there is a a public drinking fountains.
  • e04717703
    Hotel of location super good, Metro Line 8 line down go don't five minutes on to has. square on in Metro out of diagonally across the, probably go 10 minutes on to. live of is double people room, Windows towards a small yard open, night is quiet. room is unlikely to, bed away from a table probably on can capacity a people through, TV no remote control, to to TV Qian press. bathroom is glass of no curtain, bath of when slightly somewhat embarrassing, towel somewhat old, but himself with has on useless wineShop. slippers and toiletries are also provided, overall decoration is warm, Lujiazui Lotus can be seen through the window of the building. downstairs, lots of food, this season on the sidewalk was filled by hot lamb. without considering the security issues, back to the hotel at 1 o'clock at night downstairs there are 24-hour convenience stores in the stand, and super fun. Typical of international youth hostel, many foreigners wish. There are similar to the common room on the third floor whereTop floor there is a small bar, there are two big rabbit. guitar can play casual at the bar, there are two computers for customers to check e-mail ... ordered a tequila cocktail, no lemon, chatting with friends to 11 points, little brother at the bar was nice. Great place, highly recommended, especially for young people.
  • dingjia3
    Sprinkler water well clean the roof the roof is a very good view from the subway near the bed was very comfortable
  • jinruijessica
    Good, everywhere