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Shanghai will upgrade Internet plus tourism public service

Date: 2018-03-16

Reporter from 6, 2018 at the Shanghai tourism work conference that Shanghai will further upgrade "Internet +" tourism public service, convenient tourists "le tour in Shanghai.

In terms of tourism public service facilities, will be in Shanghai this year the original supply relatively new 100 - seat regional tourism toilet;Tourism toilet will also be in the new technology about application of further upgrading, spare parts supply, etc.Shanghai will use "Internet +" perfect "toilet" guide convenient service.

Shanghai will be built and rebuilt 20 comprehensive tourist service center, the center will cover more areas such as maternal and child services, free rent the WIFI services convenient function;And will explore with the aid of artificial intelligence technology to provide multilingual services, convenient and more foreign tourists.

In the "wisdom tourism", Shanghai will be in scenic spots, tourist places of public services, and focus on tourism and leisure area forward with "+" Internet and digital service facilities, expanding basic information such as wireless Internet access, mobile tour guide service coverage, and perfect the city sightseeing bus, slow trails tourism activities such as the carrier of information construction.

Last year the Shanghai trial "Shanghai tourism information management and publishing platform," with "Internet +" for tourists travel arrangements to provide more detailed information;In microblogging platforms such as "Shanghai junketing index", offers visitors 18 scenic area is the weather, the view level, air quality, etc.These information services will further improve this year, Shanghai will deepen the a-level scenic area video and data sharing, raise A level scenic spot real-time information, tourism meteorological information release quality.

At the same time, Shanghai will also explore establishing tourism data center.

Reform of China's tourism development advisory committee, the United Nations world tourism organization consulting expert Thomas ho believed that promote "Internet +" tourism public service level, not only will be more convenient tourists Tours "Shanghai", also help visitors experience "in Shanghai", that is a "everywhere is a scene, when inappropriate Tours" an important part of the whole domain of tourism environment.

According to introducing, Shanghai number of inbound tourists received 8.73 million visitors last year, 318 million trips in reception of domestic tourists.Number of inbound tourists received 8.9 million visitors this year in Shanghai, domestic tourists number 334 million.