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Jiangxi nanchang 1000 Wan Yuanwen travel vouchers, scenic spot ticket Friday afternoon at half price

Date: 2020-04-07

On April 5, nanchang people's government website the nanchang city people's government of play "combination" notice to boost cultural tourism consumption.Notice is put forward:Encourage residents to participate in cultural tourism consumption, code to issue 10 million yuan chang passed electronic travel vouchers, used in the scenic spot, bookstores, performing arts, such as consumer, active cultural tourism consumption market;The implementation of the provincial government proposed for 2.5 days over the weekend in the second quarter of the elastic schedule;All a-level scenic spots in the city and country on Friday afternoon to visit tourist spots tickets are half price reductions of tourists.Throughout the city to carry out "the world is a gift, nanchang," tourism commodity selection activities, and to give 1000 yuan/piece reward.Above the national 4 a level scenic spots to build "nanchang gift" flagship store, and to give 50000 yuan/a subsidy.

Via open for more than two (including two) national 4 a level scenic spots (4 a) above the tourism special line and auxiliary bus, for each route to give money subsidies of 100000 yuan of above.