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A hotel boss in the eyes of hotel intelligent upgrade

Date: 2018-01-31

Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, 2017 "reform" of science and technology in a wide range of industries emerge in endlessly, the hotel industry is no exception.
  As a service industry, hotel industry nature most emphasis is service.
  ent upgrade "reform" key.And how to improve consumer experience at the same time, the realization of open source throttling, cost savings for the hotel and increase profits, the problem for the intelligent upgrade needs to be addressed.

Science and technology is developing rapidly in recent years, traditional hotel (also appeared day by day.Such as:
1. Check-in and check-out peak, consumer formalities usually need to wait in line;
2. Consumers in the first thing to do is find a place to insert the room card to take electricity, then also need to be familiar with the different power switch position and the looking for air conditioning, television, and other remote control.

3. The hotel service personnel too much contact with consumers, also appear more than once on news of hotel service personnel to reveal consumer privacy case.

4. The hotel internal management efficiency is low, the operation is complex, high labor costs, resource waste is serious.
Various limitations showed that the traditional hotel want to further development, must improve in all aspects of consumer experience at the same time, the source of the throttle.After understanding the many hotel upgrade scheme, after weighing, I finally chose the hotel intelligent upgrade scheme of science and technology.
Upgrade including scheduled on "micro letter" "WeChat pay house money" "self-help registration" reception "WeChat scan code to open the door" "customer information interaction" heat-sensitive technology "" room" WeChat one-click check-out "" smart customer service 24 hours a day" the eight functional plate.

The landing in the upgrading scheme of intelligent, completely solve the previous hotel faces pain points, use of mobile wireless terminal, hotel and guest accommodation process simplification, intelligent, peak also can fast channel traffic and provide comfortable experience for guests, also greatly improve the attraction for young customers.
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