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Tourism 'anti-epidemic' defense war: Expect 'revenge' rebound

Date: 2020-03-02

"Please register your information and cooperate with taking your temperature." Wearing a mask, Gu Ming (pseudonym), who looks "armed", stood at the door that opened only one door and greeted every customer who entered the store. Since the resumption of business, in order to meet the management requirements of the Nanjing Confucius Temple Scenic Area, Gu Ming, the largest fashion department store in the scenic area, has assigned him this "special" task. However, Gu Ming admitted that this task is not heavy, "the traffic has not been much since a few days of business."

Nanjing Confucius Temple Scenic Area is a well-known open 5A-level tourist scenic spot in China. More than a month ago, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic had not yet spread, the 34th China Qinhuai Lantern Festival officially lighted up in the scenic spot, and nearly 100,000 traffic flowed in that day.

After the epidemic, all activities were suspended, and even the reopened Confucius Temple Scenic Area was "greatly injured". Since opening on February 19th, sparse traffic has become the norm in this popular attraction. A 21st Century Business Herald reporter visited and found that, except for the relatively closed space, which was temporarily open, there were not many shops open on both sides of the pedestrian street. The street food, tourist specialties, and department store products were mainly provided, and catering services were provided. The shop door is still closed.

As the epidemic eased, the domestic tourism industry restarted. The long-stowed tourism "dam lake" has begun to "relieve" in the successive openings of scenic spots in various places. Beijing Xiangshan, Hangzhou West Lake, and Jiangxi Wugong Mountain have been full of tourists on the first day of opening. However, relatively deserted attractions such as Confucius Temple seem to be in the minority. For example, after the opening of Huangshan, there will be a situation of "exclusive" for one person, which indicates that the recovery of the tourism industry will not happen overnight.

旅游 A tourism "anti-epidemic" defense battle is still ongoing.