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Sanya tourism promotion center was established in Indonesia and Malaysia

Date: 2019-12-16

On December 9 to 13, the sanya tourism promotion delegation to Indonesia and Malaysia to carry out promotional activities, setting up the sanya tourism in Indonesia and Malaysia (overseas) extension center, expand overseas markets, the sanya tourism power construction of international tourism consumption center area in sanya.

According to introducing, sanya, in accordance with the "routes open, which" marketing ideas, actively carry out the tourism marketing.Sanya tourism promotion delegation respectively on December 9, 11, and 13 in Indonesia's Jakarta, surabaya and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted the "charm" sanya tourism promotion activities, be fond of custom activities on the basis of local tourists.Among them, the second largest city in Indonesia surabaya held promotional activities, Chinese consul general of consulate general in surabaya Gu Jingqi by local people love with Indonesian describes the sanya images one by one, for everyone applause and laughter from time to time.The scene of the traveling salesman said, sanya is a worthy of the Indonesian tourists travel destination, to intensify publicity and promotion, organization more guests into the beautiful sanya resort.

On December 13, the sanya tourism (Malaysia) extension center opening ceremony, the silk road in hainan joint pearl co., LTD. And Malaysia holiday travel agency co., LTD. Is a joint venture in sanya travel agency for an official signing.

It is reported, in the year to October, sanya Indonesian tourists at home and abroad has received 36900 person-time, year-on-year growth of 25.34%;Malaysia visitors 25300 person-time, rose as high as 101.75%.Dual extension center will undertake normalized sanya city image overseas promotion, keep the heat of the sanya tourism products in Indonesia and Malaysia market and best-selling.

Sanya tourism and cultural radio and television bureau chief introduction, sanya in the future will also further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in tourism and aviation industry with southeast Asia, give full play to the sanya tourism (overseas) promotion center of marketing position, consolidate the sanya tourism international brand influence and course attendance, power construction of international tourism consumption center area in sanya.